Internet of Things

We build Industrial IoT solutions. IoT solutions for Enterprises and Consumers around connected devices which you can control and manage using the high-quality web and mobile software.

Technical Knowledge

We develop secure IoT web and mobile applications to help you connect and manage devices and make business data-driven decisions. All solutions comply with all best industry standards and approaches. Let our team of tech experts step into your IoT development process today to bring business value tomorrow.

Data Retrieval

One of the key points in building IoT software - to design and build solutions for data gathering from any hardware source (sensor, wearable, or industrial device). The data should be cleared, structured and securely stored in the cloud, or sent to the final receiver.

Data Processing

Data brings little value if it is not processed, structured and presented in the right way. We build IoT ecosystem architectures to ensure efficient H2M/M2M communications. We set up scalable cloud applications to aggregate IoT data and process it.

Data Analysis

Best practices of Big Data analytics help to collect, process and analyze Internet of Things data. We also develop custom visually appealing IoT data visualization solutions. Consequently, you benefit from important business insights.

Hardware prototype

Additionally to IoT software development services with the help of our IoT hardware development partner, we plan, launch and manage custom devices and sensor prototypes development.

Industry-Focused IoT App Development


Fleet Management & Monitoring.

Vehicle Tracking.

Safe Driver Services and more.


Remote Sensing.
Predictive Maintenance and more.


Smart Shelves.
Delivery Operations.
Warehouse Automation and more.


Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM).
Medical Imaging Solutions.
Modernize Patient Assistance and more.

Smart home and cities

Smart Traffic Lights.
Waste Management System.
CCTV surveillance systems and more.

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