Front End Development

We can develope scalable and reliable programmes. We follow international standards (IEEE, ISO, Scrum) to build quality products like responsive web interfaces, native movile interfaces, no-redundant and well structured code. That is why we are capable of facing challenges from a very wide range of magnitude.

Why Tres Factorial?

We propose an Agile methodology based on Scrum, Kanban and our experience, so that we can deliver your software as soon as posible. And with our QA professionals and our inner quality control we can do it rigorously.

We analyse the requirements, plan a working track, propose an information architecture and choose a proper technological option, plus the develpoment tools. Whit these we can estimate the pertinent time and cost.
Our tech team examine the different existing solutions; it propose working sketches and wireframes, prepare prototypes and define the final user experience.
Front-End Development
We outline the process of transform the prototypes to final functional actions; we center in the user experience and usability.
At this stage we apply the performance tests, usability tests and cross-platform evaluations. This is the final stage in acquiring great quality.

Web Development

La ejecución rigurosa, la creatividad y la investigación perpetua son las bases de nuestra actividad; ello conlleva una experiencia en nuestro equipo que lo capacita para desarrollar apliaciones móviles que fortalecen su negocio.

Cross Platform

We can develope applications with better mantenaince and faster; this is because our cross-platform applications have a portion of the same code up to 75%.


We use the better and more useful frameworks; we know their specificity and the conditions of use and implementation. All that allows us evaluate when which one of them should be utilized to reach a good result for the client.

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